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Michelle Nguyen[1] [pronounced "wihn"] is the owner of Dark Owl Records and Night Vale's most fashionable resident.[2][3]

In September she gave a monologue while working at the store. During this time she yells at someone who walks in the store. The customer then walks away. She is condescending toward her customers, rude behind their back, and rips them off. Her taste in music changes frequently, as she is constantly making sure that the music she listens to isn’t popular .[4]

Michelle seems to be fond of Cecil. When she calls him to let him know his Woody Guthrie album has arrived, she insults his taste in music, but then asks if he could hang out at the store, because she gets lonely and needs more human contact.[5] She also invited him to her exclusive "90s Fashion Night" party, though she canceled that event when he accidentally read the invitation out on the air.[6]

A year later, while listening to "hopcore" (a genre she invented, consisting of recordings of her hopping on the floor as quietly as possible), she notices Intern Maureen enter the store looking for some new music. After letting Maureen try several different albums available, she decides to give her the hopcore album, admitting though she likes being lonely, it is also nice to have Maureen in the store. Her increasingly detailed descriptions of Maureen's appearance whenever she enters the store imply the beginnings of a crush.[7] Maureen shows Michelle one of the Strangers up close and protects her from being devoured by it. She appears to be growing quite fond of Maureen, calling her "sweet" and "a kind person". Shockingly, she even likes Maureen enough to tolerate the fact that Maureen likes country music.[8] They are later seen holding hands and get embarrassed talking about how stupid love is [9]. The two also have a band called the Fun-tastics, which apparently is a "country-slash-trance tribute band, performing a cappella covers of Philip Glass scores".[10]