Melony Pennington[1] is a computer programmer in Night Vale. She programmed Fey, which is why they sound similar--that is how computer programming works. She also worked with Megan Wallaby on unspecified projects. When Cecil interviewed her, she frequently cut him off and thus didn't learn that Fey became sentient. Her favorite "passage from the Old Testament" is the chorus from Katy Perry's song "Roar", which is also Cecil's favorite "old hymn".

Personality Edit

Melony is not very well-trained in social interaction. She has a habit of repeating questions asked of her, and interrupts Cecil numerous times during her interview. She often feels helpless, and finds singing "Roar" (from the Old Testament) helps her feel better.

Melony has a philosophical side, going off on a tangent at one point about the stars, and also noting there is no set dogma for social engagement, meaning she could just say "Hi there, pile of rocks. I'm Melony."

She seems to find human body gross and to be disgusted by the fact that she also has a body. [2]

References Edit

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