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"Megan Wallaby Is Missing" is the 189th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on June 1, 2021.


Megan Wallaby is missing.

Plot Developments[]

Megan Wallaby went missing while celebrating her birthday with Tamika Flynn and some other guests.

Amidst the recurring segments, we hear statements from friends and family, with increasingly dismal news (such as her non-sentient hand from her body donor falling out of the sky) until Megan returns home without a body once more, but otherwise safe. She is now engaged to a tarantula names Nero out of love, after growing closer when he sheltered her from Vultures and Buzzards. The engagement is soon. Megan will also be starting her job at the Senior Center Water Aerobics League next week, and is excited to meet everyone.

Recurring Segments[]

  • The Word Jumble- the following statement, when rearranged, will create a sentence that makes sense: “Dear Eva. My name is Caplan Norwalk Jr and I was born on Old Peachtree Road in Lawrenceville, Georgia on October 22nd, 1974. I am your father. I heard that you play the guitar and so I made you a book of songs that you can put music to. It's the first thing I've written besides this letter so they might not be very good. If you do make any songs, maybe you could send some to me. I would really like to hear them. May the gods and angels guide and protect you. Love, Dad. Inmate 21959.”
  • The Crime Report- Violent crime has gone down drastically, however, nonviolent crime has up-ticked severely.


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