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The office of mayor of Night Vale was a vital source of leadership for the town, before former Mayor Dana Cardinal quit as the last mayor of Night Vale in "A Matter of Blood Part 3". It seems as if Night Vale will not have a mayor anymore.

Known mayors[]

The incoming mayor is Dana Cardinal. In accordance with the mayoral election procedures, she was named the next mayor on June 15th as decided by the pulses coming from Hidden Gorge,[1]despite not campaigning, or even running for mayor. Prior to Dana's election, The Faceless Old Woman who lives secretly in your home, Hiram McDaniels, and billionaire Marcus Vanston were all running for mayor.

The outgoing mayor is Pamela Winchell, who came into office at some point before episode 1. She announced her intent to step down, effective by year's end.[2]

The previous six mayors were all "executed quite publicly and creatively." Mayor Tom Garmond's skeleton is used to teach junior high students about the skeletal system. Former mayor Danielle DuBois wrote a poem in honour of nothing that should never not be unknown in 1952, which has since been inscribed upon the monolith in the Dog Park.

According to "History Week", in 2052, the office of mayor will have been vacant for over thirty years.

Powers and privileges[]

According to Trish Hidge, the mayor can fly, disappear, and turn into a horse. Her staff shares these powers.[2]

There is an official mayoral bloodstone, which then-mayor Pamela Winchell was once seen holding aloft in the direction of a mountain with a blinking light atop it.[3]

The Night Vale mayor has veto power over both eminent domain and Sharper Image.[4]


  • Danielle DuBois is named after one of the contributors to the episode "Poetry Week".


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