Martin McCaffrey is a Night Vale resident who works at the airport as a TSA representative. He urges the townspeople to accept the new security measures at the airport even though they appear onerous.[1]

In his personal life, Martin is greatly distressed by the mysterious sketches that constantly appear near him. The sketches are all of a strange, elongated dark figure crawling out of a refrigerator. Though Martin claims he does not understand who is drawing the sketches or what they have to do with him,[2] eyewitness accounts strongly suggest that he draws them himself and cannot remember doing so.[1]

He once ran TSA at the Night Vale airport, but he was stressed and unhappy, as he kept seeing mysterious dark elongated shapes. After being convinced that only a higher power could protect him form the shapes, he joined the Joyous Congregation of the Smiling God and got involved in its practices, helping to organize church camps. After a few years he left the church as it didn't met his expectations, and learned to accept the dark shapes. [3]

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