Lutrice Beaumont is the head coach of the Night Vale Scorpions. Previously working as the team's defensive coordinator, she took over as the head coach when Nazr al-Mujaheed went on a sabbatical. In the 1990s she was a linebacker for the team and later spent a decade coaching. She is a Gemini. [1]

As football coach Edit

After taking over from Nazr al-Mujaheed as the coach for the Night Vale Scorpions, Beaumont announced a complete change of strategy, with the new motto of the team being "we will win, all the time, right now.” The new strategy involved allowing the quarterback Junius Duncan to "throw that ball around [...] any direction he wants." As the main element of this new tactics was surprise, Beaumont decided that the Scorpions would play against all five of their rivals (i.e. Pine Cliff, Red Mesa, Desert Bluffs 2, The Whispering Forest, and Cactus Park teams) at the same time. After some initial problems, Night Vale won 52-45, earning the district title before the season started [1]

References Edit

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