Oh! That's just Lusia, our third base coach. She died in 1843.Coach Betty Lucero in "BRINY DEPTHS"

Lusia Tereschenko is both a ghost and the third base coach of the haunted baseball diamond. Lusia is described by Cecil as "a gray-skinned young woman in a tattered dress" with "pupil-less eyes."[1] According to Coach Lucero, Lusia died in the year 1843, and "has a hard time picking up ground balls during batting drills." This prompted The Night Vale Youth Baseball Association to request parents bring extra baseballs to their children's tryouts.[2] Additionally, Coach Tereschenko is capable of flickering in and out of view, as well as instant teleportation.[1]


Lusia, who speaks with an Eastern European or Russian accent, left her industrial East Coast hometown in the early 19th century and headed west.[3] She spent some time working with, then caring for, an old tanner who made belts, but eventually moved along.

Lusia then fell in with some strange, silent men--she would later say to Cecil that the Strangers reminded her of these men--who gave her a job, riding the train with them until the time was right. One afternoon, when the train was in the town of Night Vale, the time was apparently right. The men halted the train and began to unload crates from the train onto a waiting cart. Unfortunately, the Sheriff of Night Vale then arrived, kicking off a confrontation with the men that Lusia did not survive. She saw the Dark Planet just before, or as, she died.



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