Luftnarp is one of the strange countries that Cecil talks about visiting as he backpacked across 'Europe' during his college years in A Memory of Europe. It's described as being a little Alpine country.

Cecil talks about spending a long day traveling the country looking for a place to stay. He finally checks into a cold and dreary hostel and, in desperate need of some warm food and some company, he headed down to the local alehouse. The people in the alehouse are described as having grey, ashy skin and gaping mouths, stretched to almost cartoonish dimensions, outside of the bounds of known medical science, "a frozen caricature of human terror". They speak in guttural rattles.

Despite the seemingly horrific appearances of the residents, Cecil describes them as friendly and one of them in particular, a young man, as being beautiful. It's even stated that there might have been something between Cecil and the young man from Luftnarp, something "so possible" that "now and forever never was". He goes to bid Cecil goodbye as Cecil boards the bus to leave the country, the young man staying behind.

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