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Louie Blasko used to own and operate Louie's Music Shop until he burned it down and skipped town with the insurance money. In "Who's a Good Boy? Part 2", he appeared in Night Vale playing a pipe organ. He convinced Cecil to start the Weather. After the Weather ended, he had been turned into a Stranger. Presumably, after the Beagle was defeated, Louie became human again.

According to what he told Cecil during the ghost stories contest, he used to be a music teacher, presumably at the Night Vale High School. He never knew love and was incapable of "friendship, companionship, partnership or any manner of ship whatsoever", yet he found some pleasure in the presence of a boy named Harold, who played clarinet (and therefore presumably was one of Blasko's students). The boy was killed by spiders overs Blasko's debts. Blasko also claimed he sold his soul for a can of trombone grease and a very rare limited edition Chet Baker LP [1].