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Louie's Music Shop is a small business located in Night Vale. The shop was burned down years ago by its owner, Louie Blasko, who then skipped town with the insurance money.[1] However, Louie still offers bluegrass lessons in the back of Louie's Music Shop; interested students are instructed to bring their instruments to the "crumbled, ashy shell of where his shop once was," and to pretend that Louie is there in the darkness, teaching them. This service costs a reasonable $50 per session, payable in advance.[2]

Annual Bluegrass Festival[]

Night Vale's Annual Bluegrass Festival is held in the burned-out shell of Louie's Music Shop, where celebrants huddle together in the ashen remains, casting haunting looks at each other and sharing their "favorite bluegrass dirges". Local legend dictates that if a participant looks into a mirror and says absolutely nothing three times, Louie himself will appear and teach the crowd some simple bluegrass licks before taking the summoner's soul back with him into the dark of the mirror.[1]


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