The lottery is an quarterly event in Night Vale. All citizens must enter, and the lottery drawing is held at City Hall. If you draw a blank white paper, nothing happens. If, however, you draw a purple piece of paper, you are ceremoniously disemboweled and eaten by wolves in the Night Vale Petting Zoo and Makeshift Carnival.[1]

The lottery festivities sometimes include the Food Truck Festival. Popular truck treats include Korean barbecue, vegetarian chili, and veal ice cream.[1]

Tips on winning the lottery[1]Edit

Identify: Learn to sense colours. "Purple has a grittier emotional aura than white."

Ignite: Set fire to your home. Wolves cannot detect the presence of arsonists, rendering you safe from harm if you draw a purple paper.

Imitate: Pretend you drew a white piece, even if you drew a purple piece. You may have to go through painful colour reeducation at City Hall, but you aren't eaten by a wolf.

References Edit

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