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Lot 37 at the Sheriff's Secret Police 2013 Auction of Contraband and Seized Property was community radio host Cecil Gershwin Palmer.[1]

Cecil discovered that he was being auctioned before his lot was actually sold, and hurried down to the auction house. Determined not to blow his chance, he focused on maintaining his calm... to such an extent that he forgot to bid on the lot.

Lot 37 was sold with a single bid.

For over a year, it was unclear--to Cecil as well as listeners--in what sense Cecil had been "sold". Then he discovered that his episodes of lost time in "Antiques" and "BRINY DEPTHS" had actually been when his body was under the control of the owner of lot 37.

Since Cecil was used, in every instance, to protect the life of Mayor Dana Cardinal, Cecil suspected that she was the owner.

In "Review", the true owner was revealed: Hiram McDaniels' violet head, who promptly returned ownership to Cecil.


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