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Lee Marvin is an extremely important cultural figure in the city of Night Vale. He is described as "immortal", and celebrated his 30th birthday on several important dates in history, and Night Vale's history. However, this is likely because every day was his birthday, until the 150th episode, "The Birthday of Lee Marvin". These include the day George Washington declared himself God-King of America, when the city was founded[1] and the day the city was possibly destroyed[1].

More recently, Lee Marvin composed, orchestrated, and performed the opera "Amara" at the grand opening of the new Old Night Vale Opera House.[2].

During episode 150, he restarts time in Night Vale and has begun to age.


  • Episode 67 "Best Of?": Lee Marvin helps found the city of Night Vale and celebrates his 30th birthday several times over the centuries.
  • Episode 68 "Faceless Old Women": Cecil announces that the upcoming grand opening of the new Old Night Vale Opera House will feature the world premiere of Marvin's new opera.
  • Episode 69 "Fashion Week": Old Woman Josie reveals that Marvin will also direct and star in his creation.
  • Episode 70B "Review": World premiere of "Amara".
  • Episode 112 "Citizen Spotlight": Marvin, now a donut food truck entrepreneur, reveals that he has a vision of a void with a light and a hand inside.
  • Episode 116 "Council Member Flynn, Part 3": Cecil says that Marvin is his favourite actor.
  • It Devours!: Marvin stars as Superman in the movies Superman Vs. Himself and Superman Vs. Nobody.
  • Episode 139 "The Birthday of Lee Marvin": The entire episode is dedicated to Lee Marvin, as it is his birthday.
  • Episode 146, also called "The Birthday of Lee Marvin", is entirely narrated by him.
  • Episode 150, also called "The Birthday of Lee Marvin", is in part narrated by him.
  • Episode 173 "The Hundred Year Play"
  • Episode 181 "C****s"
  • Episode 182 "It Sticks With You"
  • Episode 183 "The Nephilim"
  • Episode 192 "It Doesn't Hold Up"


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