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Leann Hart[1] is an editor for the Night Vale Daily Journal. She has previously functioned as foreign corespondent for the newspaper.


In an announcement about the Journal 's budget shortfalls, she noted that these circumstances have nothing to do with the reported extravagant birthday party she threw for herself in the Night Vale Stadium. She then regretted mentioning the birthday party at all, due to the fact that she was never even born. She delivered these statements by whispering through Cecil Palmer's mail slot and tapping on his window in Morse code.[2]

During the revolt against StrexCorp, Leann Hart used her hatred of digital news media as inspiration for her hatchet attacks. She was heard to shout at StrexCorp workers, "I am imagining you all as news bloggers! You are destroying years of journalistic tradition!" She also collaborated with Sarah Sultan, using her as a projectile weapon.[3]

During "Hatchets", she threw a hatchet at Maureen, apparently mistaking her for a blogger. Leann was not arrested for this.

The article found on the submarine arriving from Nulogorsk from 1983 that says the village was decimated by a nuclear attack was written by Hart, then foreign corespondent.

She wrote a book called What's with All the Stuff About Teeth?: The Joyous Congregation Exposed, but it seems to be based on her own biases rather than facts. [4]

In an attempt to make more money without more work, Leann begun to travel in time over and over again, selling her newspaper throughout hundreds of timelines. During this process, she became more and more involved in the events happening around her, eventually influencing many of the timelines through her actions, trying to establish which outcomes would sell most newspapers. In one version of reality, she convinced a psychopath to poison the town water supply, killing all Night Vale residents. After collecting enough data, she gave up time travel and decided that causing fear in people was the best approach to selling newspapers. [5]