No one has seen the trees this week. Hopefully they'll come back soon. Welcome to Night Vale.

"Lazy Day" is the 35th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on 15 November 2013.

Synopsis Edit

It's a totally lazy day in Night Vale. Feeling really tired. Increasingly tired. Here's some news, I guess: updates on the Summer Reading Program, the Brownstone Spire, and a delicious new cereal on the market. Just so lazy. Everything slowing down.

Plot Developments Edit

  • Carlos: Carlos is totally immune to the lethargy of the Lazy Day.

Proverb Edit

On this day in history: mundanity, and terror, and food, and love, and trees.

Notes Edit

Joseph Fink, despite claims to the contrary, does not read the opening announcements, instead being voiced by Meg Bashwiner, the "proverb-lady" from the end of the episodes.