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Kareem was Night Vale Community Radio's latest intern. He is also the only intern known to be from Michigan [1] and the longest surviving one. He quit his apprenticeship as he changed his studies and joined Simone Rigadeau's course about science.


Kareem is described as an honest and hardworking young man by his mother [1] and is often praised by Cecil for his task-efficiency and passion for reporting [2][1]. He is rather stubborn in his beliefs, and often vocalizes them, as shown through his continuous acknowledgement of Angels [3] [4] [5], (despite the action being illegal) and his willingness to challenge information or ideals upheld by the town and by Cecil himself . He also appears to be very fond of roller skating[4]. He is also interested in sciences, as he decides to quit his job in the station and participate in Simone Rigadeau's (the transient who lives in the Earth Science Building of the NVCC) course. Cecil mentions Kareem is fascinated by Rigadeau's explanations, and says Kareem believes she can explain what happened to Night Vale, and why nobody knows Michigan.


Kareem has a loving family consisting of a mother named Aisha, a father named Raheem, and a brother named Amir.

Kareem's family still lives in Michigan, but when he calls them or send them letters in "Michigan" to see how they are doing they claim he has never left Michigan and that he is still with them. Once, he even hears his own voice answering him when he calls home. When he visits them for two weeks in Michigan they recall none of these calls, saying he left years ago and they haven't heard of him ever since. After returning involuntarily to Night Vale he calls them to say he is OK, but he gets the sames response as before he visited them, and his family keeps saying he is with them right now and never left.



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