The Joyous Congregation of the Smiling God is a religious organization dedicated to the worship of the Smiling God. The Congregation has a temple near Route 800. According to the official numbers, it has about 170 members. [1]

System of Beliefs Edit

Members of the Congregation believe that the Smiling God devours people's sins, regrets and unwanted desires and draws out whatever makes each person good. They believe the Desert Otherworld to be the heaven/paradise and a giant centipede living there to be the Smiling God.

They believe in Eleven Stages of Human Education: 1) Birth, 2) Earthly Nourishment, 3) Divine Nourishment, 4) Friendship, 5) Love, 6) Passion, 7) Awareness, 8) Family, 9) Enlightenment, 10) Community, 11) the Devouring.

The Congregation considers Kevin to be a prophet and plans to convert the entire world population. [1]

Known Members Edit


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