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Dr. Joel Eisenberg is Night Vale's only flying dinosaur expert. He was consulted when a group of pteranodons appeared through a portal and began attacking women who wore glasses. Unfortunately, he had still not recovered from his 2011[2] bout with throat spiders, and so was unable to grant any assistance.


  • Episode 4 "PTA Meeting": He has not yet recovered from his bought with throat spiders.
  • Bonus episode 1 "Minutes": He used to be the teacher for the Freshmen Seminar at Night Vale Community College, until his extended medical leave.
  • Episode 130 "A Story About Us": He attempts to perform the Heimlich maneuver on Thomas Charles, to no avail.
  • Episode 152 "The Great Golden Hand": As part of Applebee’s visiting experts program, Joel prepares a "fun dinosaur presentation".
  • Episode 153 "The Heist, Part 1": He is a bank patron and is there during the robbery.
  • Episode 154 "The Heist, Part 2": He is a bank patron and is there during the robbery. He offered the robbers his wallet, to which they were pleasantly surprised.
  • Live show #8 "A Spy in the Desert"
  • Episode 172 "Return of the Obelisk": At some point previous to this episode, he won second place in a chili cook-off judged by Susan Willman.
  • Episode 176 "The Autumn Specter"
  • Episode 184 "The Fog"
  • Episode 192 "It Doesn't Hold Up"


  1. Episode 176 "The Autumn Specter"
  2. Contracted the previous year as of "PTA Meeting", broadcast 1 August 2012