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Definitely don't order anything off the Forsaken Menu.
— Cecil

Jerry's Tacos is a taco restaurant in Night Vale, located on the corner of Ouroboros Road[1]. An Unnamed road[2] also goes by it. It is under the permanent management of Night Vale's mysterious Hooded Figures. The restaurant itself resembles a nine-meter-tall black monolith with no visible means of ingress. Plants wilt in the presence of the monolithic taquería, and both animals and insects seem to avoid it.[1]


In the summer of 2012, the eponymous owner Jerry "transgressed against nature with his enchiladas", and, as a result, the restaurant was encased in amber with Jerry inside. The restaurant remained closed until, in early 2013, Jerry's Tacos suddenly and mysteriously reopened, much to the consternation of the Sheriff's Secret Police. Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer cautioned his listeners to exercise caution if ordering anything from the Jerry's "Secret Menu", and to definitely avoid ordering anything from his "Forsaken Menu".[1]

On March 1, 2013, Night Vale's mysterious Hooded Figures assumed management of Jerry's Tacos until the end of time. Within hours, plants in the vicinity of the restaurant began to wilt and the area was avoided by both animals and insects. The restaurant itself was immediately renovated to resemble a nine-meter-high black monolith with no visible entrance.

Jerry's Tacos does have an ordering window with frosted glass manned (or womanned? Or personned?) by a shadowy figure.[2]


  • On September 1, 2013, Cecil noted that five dollars is the cost of "a taco lunch at Jerry's Tacos".[3] It is not known how Cecil entered the mysterious taquería to obtain this knowledge.
  • Jerry's Tacos is neither the only restaurant in Night Vale to draw the attention of the Hooded Figures, nor is it the only restaurant in Night Vale to lack any apparent entrance. Everybody knows that the Hooded Figures eat at Big Rico's Pizza, and Gino's Italian Dining Experience and Grill and Bar is absolutely doorless.[4][5]


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