Janice Palmer [1] is Cecil's niece and the stepdaughter of Steve Carlsberg. She's a Girl Scout. She may also be working with Tamika Flynn. Her mother is Cecil's sister Abby.[2]

Janice was born with spina bifida[3] and has been unable to walk since birth. She is later mentioned as riding in a stealth wheelchair of her own design.[4]

She participates in ballet fights [5] and is the leader of the Night Vale High School's wheelchair basketball team. She led the division in assists [1] and went on to set a state record in assists (with 22)[6].

Age Edit

Janice is stated to be ten years old in Numbers[7], and eleven years old in The Registry of Middle School Crushes.[4]. Neither age is consistent with Cecil's statement in WE MUST GIVE PRAISE that Janice was a second grader during the 2014-2015 school year. In Council Member Flynn, Part 1 Cecil says that Janice is a sophomore.

Relationships Edit

  • Steve Carlsberg - Steve seems very fond of his stepdaughter, calling her "my little girl." When Kevin was trying to persuade Steve to join StrexCorp, Steve's first thought was of getting Janice into a good school.[8] Both Steve and Cecil were perplexed by Kevin's suggestion that she needed to be "heal[ed]." When Steve realized Kevin actually meant "fix[ed]," he was outraged and threw Kevin out by the lapels into one of the old oak doors. He said, "Anything for my girl. Try and tell me there's something about her needs 'fixing'!" [8].
  • Cecil Gershwin Palmer - Cecil is very fond and proud of his niece, whom he helped when her mother needed money due to Janice's spina bifida [3]. He supports her basketball team even though he does not seem to understand the sport itself [6].
  • Carlos - Janice seems to really like Carlos, whom she called "uncle" even before he and Cecil got married [9].

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