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Jackie's Pawn Shop, the only pawn shop in Night Vale[1], was known as "Lucinda's Pawn Shop" until the events of Welcome to Night Vale: A Novel. The pawn shop is owned and run by Jackie Fierro, who has owned and run it for some time now despite being only 19. Jackie took over for her mother, Lucinda Fierro, after Lucinda's retirement.

Cecil once mentioned "Stan's Pawn Shop", which released a virulent strain of Ebola as a marketing tool "in '98" (possibly 1998).[2] It is not known if Lucinda's Pawn Shop is a successor to Stan's, or a rival that has closed since "'98".

When you need to find the pawn shop, you will know where it is. It has irregular hours due to Jackie opening and closing essentially at her own whim. Every item in the store, regardless of its actual value, is bought and sold for eleven dollars.


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