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"Hey There, Cecil" is a segment on Cecil's Night Vale Community Radio show in which Cecil gives advice to letters written by listeners.


  1. Episode 68 "Faceless Old Women": First instance of this segment. Cecil gives advice to:
    1. Loveless in the Barista District
    2. Unshod in Old Town
    3. Malevolent in Mission Grove Park
  2. Episode 75 "Through the Narrow Place": Cecil gives advice to
    1. Insecure Summoners in Cactus Bloom
    2. Worried Mom in Downtown (Given the references to the novel, she's easily identified as Diane Crayton.)
    3. Terrified in Shambling Orphan (Definitively identified as Chad Bowinger.)
  3. Episode 84 "Past Time": Cecil gives advice to:
    1. In Debt in Old Town
    2. Dog Lover in Downtown
    3. Lonely Boy in the Laboratory (Carlos)
  4. Episode 179 "First Snow"
    1. Knife Haver in Desert Creek.
    2. Book Lover in Old Town (Tamika Flynn)
    3. Telly the Barber