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With low interest rates, now is the perfect time to buy a home. Just name your amenity! Every house in Night Vale has a luxurious view of The Void. We also have great schools and plenty of spiders! Who wouldn’t want to settle down in Night Vale?

The Greater Night Vale Realty Association is a professional organization for realtors operating in Night Vale. Night Vale's realtors all live inside of deer.[1] In order to contact a realtor, prospective home buyers are encouraged to "find an undersized stag or ailing doe you can catch," and then to "simply wrestle it down and knife open the chest cavity. Then let the realtor inside help you achieve your American Dream."[2]


Russell Swenson is the head of the Greater Night Vale Realty Association. When the GNVRA sponsored Night Vale Community Radio during Poetry Week 2013, their advertisement included the following personal message from Russell:

"No one has lived here for years.
You’re one of them.
One of the no ones.
A woman is afire,
and no one is invited.
Anyone can watch.
No one can help.”

Upon reading the message, host Cecil Palmer was unsure whether it was a poem Russell wrote for Poetry Week, or simply the intended content of the advertisement.[2]

Other realtors[]

When a mysterious new development of condominiums suddenly appeared in Night Vale, one local realtor, on the condition of anonymity and from within the belly of a grazing deer, spoke to Night Vale Community Radio to advise listeners to invest in condos. "Invest your money in condos. Invest your time in condos. Invest your life. Invest emotion and hope. Invest your ideas about the future, invest your disappointment with your ongoing now. Invest drops of blood. You lose blood all the time on frivolous accidents, now is the chance to imbue it with purpose and verve. Spill your blood for the condos!” The realtor may have continued, but was cut off when the deer was spooked by a passing car and ran away.[1]


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