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We went arm in arm into Gino’s and were immediately seated, with no memory of who greeted us at the door or how we got to our table, situated in a classy, understated, and absolutely doorless room. The full Gino’s experience.
— Cecil

Gino's Italian Dining Experience and Grill and Bar is a fine dining restaurant in Night Vale, noted by Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer to be "the fanciest restaurant in town", although Shame is the "top-rated" restaurant.[1] As is the case with many Night Vale restaurants, Gino's was forced to adapt to the City Council's 2012 ban on wheat and wheat by-products, but they are still locally renowned for their unparalleled ambiance and finely prepared dishes.[2]


Upon entering Gino's, customers immediately find themselves seated at their tables with no memory of who greeted them or how they came to be sitting down. Dining tables are located in classy, understated, and absolutely doorless rooms. When the customers are ready to leave, they simply escape from their doorless room by breaking the room's window with a brick that has been provided by their waiter for that exact purpose. This is said to be "the full Gino's experience".[2]

Known dishes[]

Although Gino's menu has become more limited since the City Council banned all wheat and wheat by-products from the city of Night Vale forever in November 2012, their menu is still unique and locally renowned.  Known Gino's dishes include:

  • A single portobello mushroom, served rare and bloody, as is the Gino's way.
  • A slice of Gino's special invisible, non-corporeal, and tasteless carrot cake. This dessert is said to be "as light as air" and to resemble air in every other possible way, as well.


  • Cecil and Carlos the scientist ate at Gino's on their first date.
  • Gino's isn't the only restaurant in Night Vale whose menu has been decimated by the City Council's wheat ban. Big Rico's Pizza now serves nothing but bowls of stewed tomatoes, melted cheese wads, and gluten-free pizza slices.[3]
  • Gino's isn't the only restaurant in Night Vale without any apparent ingress either, as Jerry's Tacos has been a nine-meter-tall monolith with no apparent entrance since coming under the management of the dreaded Hooded Figures.[4]


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