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We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Also many other things, several of which can be found in your home. Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

"Ghost Stories" is a special episode, performed live. A recording of the performance can be bought from the official Night Vale BandCamp page starting May 1, 2017.


It is the annual Night Vale ghost story contest, in which every citizen is required to put forward their scariest ghost story.

Plot Developments[]

  • Time travel: Cecil says that time travel is real during Children's Fun Fact Science Corner.
  • Russian: while trying to communicate with the ghost of Marcus Vanston's French-speaking cat, Teddy Williams concludes that although he doesn't speak French he has a Russian dictionary and because the two languages are both so dissimilar to English, they have to be similar to each other.
  • Cecil's mother: it is revealed that she disappeared when Cecil was fourteen forcing Abby to raise him on her own, that she returned many years later and died a few months after that, and that she was mentally ill as well as addicted to alcohol.
  • Intern Death Toll: Intern Jeffrey Cranor tells Cecil about his predecessor, intern Felix, who died after opening a fridge which had an active jet engine from an Airbus 8320 inside.

Recurring Segments[]


Dana and Sheriff Sam tell the same ghost story, but because both their appearances are included as bonus tracks, it may be assumed they appeared on stage during separate performances.