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Frank Chen was a Night Vale resident and known associate of five-headed dragon Hiram McDaniels. He was found dead in 2012[4]; cause of death was determined to be “Dragon, at least three heads.”

Since then, Frank's identity has been stolen to provide a cover for his erstwhile friend Hiram, who also appropriated Frank's truck.

The Chen family then reported Frank Chen missing to The Sheriff's Secret Police in what is known to be 2019.[5]

The Estate of Franklin Chen vs the City of Night Vale[]

Following the investigated missing persons case, and the subsequent murder case, the Chen family filed suit against Hiram McDaniels for the murder of Frank Chen, and against the city of Night Vale and the Sheriff’s Secret Police for negligence in the investigation.[1]

The court ruled in favor of the family of Frank Chen, and the family was awarded the life of Frank Chen, to be produced within one year.[6] The Sheriff's Secret Police attempted to meet these demands by cloning Frank Chen, but this was ruled insufficient.[2] There are currently five Frank Chen clones extant in the world: one in Maine, one in Los Angeles, one in Kansas City, one in Nelson, New Zealand, and one remained in Night Vale under the name Neal Lu.

Several months after the Chen clones were dismissed as insufficient, Sheriff Sam presented the court one living Frank Chen. This Frank Chen was the same man who was previously found murdered, but was pulled from time before the attack. This was accepted as meeting the court's demands, however by removing Frank from his car, time was disrupted. As such, Judge Keaton asked the Sheriff to send Frank back.

Frank fled across time trying to escape the Sheriff and his death.