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Those who remember history are also doomed to repeat it.
— Cecil

"Flight" is the 98th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on November 15, 2016.


It is Execution Day.

Plot Developments[]


Recurring Segments[]


So there’s this commercial and it’s like there’s this baby and she’s not getting along with the dog, she’s like a little afraid of the dog and the dog is like a big a beautiful Golden Retriever and um, so like the Golden Retriever like feels sad coz he can’t be with his family because the baby doesn’t like him, but so the Dad sees that um, the baby likes the the um, stuffed animal that she has which is a lion, so the Dad goes and orders a lion mane for the dog and then he puts it, he puts it on the dog and the dog, um the dog walks in as the lion and the baby loves it and the dog is happy coz it can be a part of the family again, as a as a lion. Thank you.
— Proverb


The proverb describes an actual commercial for Amazon Prime.