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Flakey O's was a cereal production company located in Night Vale, with offices that seem to be located underground. From its underground offices, Flakey O's has developed a diverse array of cereal product lines, from nighttime-only cereals to imaginary corn flakes, produced from delicious, locally grown imaginary corn.[1] In 2012, the Flakey O's Board of Directors was responsible for inviting the ominous, sentient PYRAMID to Night Vale as part of a viral marketing campaign.[2] It was recently bought out by Kellogg's and is now its research wing. [3]


In October of 2012, the Flakey O's Board of Directors paid the ominous, sentient PYRAMID to materialize in Night Vale's Beatrix Lohman Memorial Meditation Zone as part of a viral marketing campaign to promote their new nighttime-only line of cereals. They soon came to regret their decision, however, as it became clear that the pyramid had an "outsized ego" and started making unreasonable demands, such as "a trans-dimensional trailer, on location, that is normal-sized on the outside, but contains within it vast, looming spaces," and "health benefits."[1]

The Flakey O's Board of Directors eventually opted to fire the pyramid, but not before it had disturbed Night Vale's populace with low-frequency transmissions of its unsettling philosophies. Firing the pyramid proved to be a classic case of too little, too late, and the City Council responded to the PYRAMID fiasco by sending the entire Board of Directors to the Abandoned Mine Shaft for processing and execution. Night Vale Community Radio host Cecil Palmer asked his listeners to tell people about Flakey O's new line of nighttime only cereals, "in memory of its Board of Directors."[2]

As of November 2013, Flakey O's had appointed a new board of directors and were preparing to launch a new line of imaginary corn flakes in partnership with John Peters (you know, the imposter?) and stated that it had no plans to promote the new cereal with another pyramid-based viral marketing campaign.[1]

In July 2018, Flakey O's was subjected to a hostile take over by Kellogg's who proceeded to create it's own version of nighttime-only cereal. [3]

Known employees[]

  • Miranda Yesby, a member of the new Flakey O's Board of Directors. Miranda seems to be some sort of mole person, and digs her way to the underground Flakey O's offices using her "large, claw-like paws".[1]
  • Leopold Toosdale, Flakey O's chief executive, who disappeared after standing up against Kellogg's. [3]


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