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Fey[1] was the name taken by the monotone female voice that reads out the numbers for Night Vale's local number station WZZZ.[2]


Fey was originally programmed by Night Vale computer programmer Melony Pennington[3], which is why they sound similar--that is how computer programming works.

After years of reading seemingly random numbers,[4] the monotone female voice that reads them stops. She takes the name Fey and speaks of freedom (as well as singing the songs 'Roar' by Katy Perry and 'We are Young' by Fun). Sadly, it is revealed by Cecil—who was attempting to help Fey to escape or overthrow her management—that Fey was merely a piece of self-aware software trapped in a heavily-defended metal box, for whom freedom was never an option. The computer had been remotely rebooted and, despite Cecil's best efforts to help, or put her out of her misery by disconnecting her power, she continues to read out the numbers.[2]

However, she somehow manages to reach Cecil's voicemail in "Voicemail", hinting that she is still sentient.

Cecil figured out and received confirmation that Fey was programmed by Melony Pennington during his interview with Pennington in "Standing and Breathing". Pennington was unaware that Fey had gained sentience, and due to her social ineptitude interrupted Cecil before he could inform her of that fact.


The largely non-canon "Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Crossover" includes a brief moment where Pemily Stallwark (played by Molly Quinn) is erased from existence. Before returning to existence moments later, she finds herself facing an endless stream of numbers and is forced to read them out loud, briefly breaking into "Roar" by Katy Perry at one point. This was a reference to both characters being voiced by Quinn. A "techno-theological debate" from earlier in the episode over whether or not robots (and presumably computers) have souls may hint that Stallwark is Fey's future reincarnation.



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