Trumpets playing soft jazz from out of the dark desert distance. They come tomorrow. It is too late for us. Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

"Faceless Old Woman" is the 26th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was originally released on July 1, 2013, and repeated again on January 1, 2016.

Synopsis Edit

There is a faceless old woman secretly living in your home, and she has something she needs to say. Plus, former intern Dana is still alive and texting us from the forbidden Dog Park, Community Health Tips, and an update on the kittens.

Plot Developments Edit

Recurring SegmentsEdit

  • Community Health Tips

Proverbs Edit

This episode was aired twice. The first proverb is from the premiere, while the second is from its repeat.

Proverb 1: The human soul weighs 21 grams, smells like grilled vegetables, looks like a wrinkled tartan quilt, and sounds like bridge traffic.

Proverb 2: How to have a successful podcast:

  1. Learn what podcasting is.

  2. Do I need a mic?

  3. Cereal is a thing, right?

  4. Like the radio?

Notes Edit

  • This episode was re-released on January 1st, 2016 with better sound quality. It also had the new theme as well as a different weather and a proverb. To avoid confusion, the title had changed to "Faceless Old Woman (R)".
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