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Eunomia was a general in the Blood Space War.


Eunomia was born in the early 1800s to farmer parents. She spent her days working in the fields, tending to the invisible corn planted by her parents. According to her diary, in 1815 Eunomia made contact with an extraterrestial being by carving messages in the corn fields. On her 17th birthday, Eunomia disappeared, leaving behind all of her belongings and a perfectly round clearing in one of the cornfields.[1]

Eunomia changed the course of the Blood Space War when she discovered that wormholes may be used for time travel and weaponized them in order to fight her battles over ans over again until she was victorious. She was eventually able to end the war altogether, but the constant changes to the timeline caused most of Night Vale's - and the world's - population to be erased from existence. She decided to undo the damage she's done by visiting every person who was ever hurt by her actions, fully aware that completing this quest will take her the rest of her life.[2]

Some years after her disappearance, Eunomia returned to Night Vale wearing an astronout suit. She was now much older than her parents (due to time travel involved in the Blood Space War) and turned to dust when her mother touched her. In the 1980s Eunomia's diary was found at the Night Vale Public Library, and after many expeditions to the library, historians were able to fully transcribe and photograph it.[1]


Eunomia was a dreamer. Her favourite time of the day was dusk, and she would lie down in the fields looking at the stars and thinking about other worlds and other possible lives. She had a penchant for drawing and painting. She was interested in astronomy and physics, despite science being considered a fringe religion equal to paganism. During her time fighting in the Blood Space War, Eunomia was a great leader and a skillfull diplomat.[1]



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