Since Night Vale is a democracy[1], or at least a pseudo-democracy[2], its leadership is, of course, decided by elections.

City Council elections Edit

In preparation for City Council elections, the Sheriff's Secret Police come by to collect certain family members so that everyone votes for the correct council seats and there's no confusion. These family members are held in a secure and undisclosed location, which everyone knows is the abandoned mine shaft outside of town[3].

City Council membership has remained unchanged since 1824, except the joining of Tamika Flynn, who was not elected but announced her membership in the council for her 16th birthday[4].

Mayoral elections Edit

Votes are cast, but not tabulated, as the mayor is decided by counting and interpreting the loud pulses coming from Hidden Gorge[1]. Once the machines and pulsing there are activated, they can't be shut down without an election[5].

At a pinch, residents can cast votes simply by raising their hands. The cameras that are everywhere in town will count them[2].

Voting for both candidates is "very illegal," according to Kevin[5]. Cecil says that voting for both candidates will cause you to be negated, fading from existence forever[2]. Election officials wear a uniform consisting of a plague doctor mask, an off-brand Snuggie, and stilts[2].

Following Mayor Pamela Winchell's resignation announcement, an election was scheduled for June 15th, 2014[5][6][7]. The two official candidates were the Faceless Old Woman secretly living in your house, and Hiram McDaniels, literally a five-headed dragon, but the Hidden Gorge named Dana Cardinal as the next mayor. Cardinal's election despite not being a registered candidate sparked resistance among the official candidates, who tried to commit a coup[8].

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