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eGemony (pronounced like hegemony) is a mysterious company which lately took interest in the city of Night Vale. One line of business of the company is "dreamfluencing".


eGemony acquired Hiram Walker Distilled Spirits d/b/a Canadian Club some time after the Hiram Walker company ran (from 1967 to 1973) a contest involving hiding 21 cases of Canadian Club whiskey all over the world and then printing ads with clues about where to find the cases. The company then took interest in one of the cases, which was apparently hidden under Cecil's desk at the radio station. According to Missy Wilks the cases were supposed to absorb the spirit of the places they were left in and were later retrieved not by adventurers or hunters, but by eGemony itself [1].

The company sent a corporate prize contest and sweepstakes buzz marketing street team to steal the case containing the soul of Night Vale, but when its members tried drinking the whiskey, they were infused with the city's soul and became a part of Night Vale. They then became the baristas and have been serving the residents drinks containing the soul of their city ever since. [2] Ultimately the company's representative tasked with retrieving the whiskey, Hugh Jackman, was fooled by Cecil into leaving Night Vale. [3]


  • Hugh Jackman - senior vice president in charge of dreamfluencing [1]
  • the Baristas - former members of a corporate prize contest and sweepstakes buzz marketing street team, now infused with the soul of Night Vale and serving the city [2]