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Dragons are giant sentient[1] reptilian beasts.[2]

There seem to be very few dragons in Night Vale, as only three have ever been mentioned, and one of them was described as hailing "from somewhere other than our little world."[3]


Dragons have been known to have multiple heads of different colors. All the dragons found in Night Vale are five headed, as each of their heads has a different colour and somewhat independent consciousness, and they all can breath fire.

Noted five-headed dragon Hiram McDaniels is approximately eighteen feet tall and weighs about 3600 pounds, according to an description obtained from the Sheriff's Secret Police.[3] He claims that when he was thirty years old, he was only about 43% of his current stature,[4] which would make him seven foot nine at that age. Hiram has been sighted flying and breathing fire,[3] and he describes himself as "hav[ing] trouble controlling [his] fire breathing."[4] He also claims to be able to molt and regenerate limbs.[1] According to the Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly Lives in Your Home, Hiram is, like a reptile, unable to regulate his body temperature.[1]

A coroner gave Frank Chen's cause of death as "Dragon; at least three heads."[5]

Marcus Vanston, Night Vale's richest resident, claims to have once owned an eight-headed dragon.[1]

Social status[]

Dragons face discrimination in many parts of the world. Hiram McDaniels describes Night Vale as "the first city that ever made me feel normal."[4] However, even in Night Vale, tensions exist.

When Hiram McDaniels first considered running for mayor, current mayor Pamela Winchell declared him ineligible on the grounds that he is literally a five-headed dragon and not a human being. Cecil Palmer described the mayor's remarks as "dragon-bashing."[2]

During the mayoral debate, fellow candidate Marcus Vanston mentioned having owned a dragon one time, saying, "Yeah, I pretty much used it for commuting to work." The other candidate, the Faceless Old Woman, was quick to condemn this insensitive remark.[1] It is unclear whether owning a dragon is actually legal for anyone who isn't a leading citizen, friendly billionaire, and generally great guy.

Known Dragons[]

  • Hiram McDaniels
  • Hadassah McDaniels
  • Miriam Adelman[6]
  • Tara Partridge[6]
  • Dirk Andrews[6]
  • Donna[7]


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