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After the acquisition of StrexCorp Synernists Incorporated by the angels, the corporation underwent a refocusing of its mission and a layoff of all its personnel. An unintended casualty was the city of Desert Bluffs: as StrexCorp was the sole employer of everyone in Desert Bluffs, the city entered an economic freefall.

The situation was finally resolved in March 2016, with the dissolution of Desert Bluffs and its annexation by Night Vale. The controversial dissolution drew a lot of criticism from many Night Vale residents who resisted absorbing their long time bitter rival. Among the opponents to the move are included Sheriff Sam, and even Cecil himself.


  • Episode 74 "Civic Changes": Desert Bluffs High School has had to forfeit all games of the 2015-2016 season because of lack of funding. Cecil notes that Desert Bluffs has been in a "steep year-long recession".
  • Episode 75 "Through the Narrow Place": Desert Bluffs mayor Dan Cardozo announced that budget shortfalls mean the suspension of such crucial civic services as trash pickup, road maintenance, and tree monitoring.
  • Episode 77 "A Stranger": Night Vale mayor Dana Cardinal announced her intention to help Desert Bluffs with a low-interest loan.
  • Episode 80 "A New Sheriff in Town": New Sheriff of Night Vale Sam, opposed to Mayor Cardinal's relief plans, begins fomenting opposition to them among the people of Night Vale.
  • Episode 83 "One Normal Town": Desert Bluffs is formally incorporated into Night Vale. Reprisals against former Desert Bluffs citizens are stopped by Mayor Cardinal.

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