Desert Bluffs Too is a community of people formerly living in Desert Bluffs who found home in the Desert Otherworld after their town merged with Night Vale. The community worships the Smiling God.[1] The town's mayor is Lauren Mallard, but its true leader seems to be Kevin.[2]

The town is located near a mountain with a lighthouse on top and under a never-setting sun.[2] It has a number of restaurants (one of which is called Vermillion and specializes in lip meat[3]), a City Hall (which is a mound of mud), public bike shares, public knife shares, an amusement park, a church called the Desert Bluffs Temple of Joy[2], a town square (which is a sand dune with a cow skull on it), an arcade centre called the Sandy Blossom Bowling Alley and Arcade Joy Compound, a beach (even though there is no body of water)[3], a junior high, and a football team called the Vultures.[4] A monument in the form of a chasm called the Mudstone Abyss is currently being constructed.[2] There are no bars in town, as taxes on alcohol transported across dimensional rifts are very high.[3]

Known residents Edit

  • Kevin
  • Former Mayor[2] Lauren Mallard
  • Charles and his son Donovan[3]
  • Frank Donnelly, who sells tarantula parts
  • Alejandra Salazar, who lives in a cave
  • Kunit Jindal[1]
  • Cedric Dummond, theoretical physicist at the junior high[4]
  • Gerardo Diaz, who found a limestone under his tongue
  • Josephine O’Toole and her demons
  • Savannah Hernandez, who moved from Red Mesa in order to avoid tax collectors
  • Jesse Pritchard, Savannah's husband
  • Agnes, Armand, Yolanda, and Leon - Savannah and Jesse's children
  • Olin Hayworth and Chantal James, refugees of the Blood Space War
  • Krotshk, a refugee of the Blood Space War who is a neutron from the Horsehead Nebula
  • Ryan Nichols, a student from Alabama who mysteriously appeared in town
  • Ken, Kelvin, Keegan, and Kellen - members of the Temple of Joy, who are at the same time the City Council[2]
  • Keon and Kelton - members of the Temple of Joy and police officers
  • Jerry Kramer and his daughter Morgan, who communicate mostly through sign language[3]

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