Deb is a Sentient patch of haze. (In this, she is not unique; the first novel mentions that the movie theater box office is staffed by a sentient patch of haze named Stacy. Additionally she has a sister: Caitlyn, who is also a sentient patch of haze. [1]) She occasionally comes in to read ads for the sponsors of Night Vale Community Radio.

Her speeches, though in praise of whatever brand they advertize, tend to highlight the bad things involved in the specific product. She is uninterested in things that relate to humans.

Trivia Edit

  • Deb was created as a way for Night Vale "Proverb Lady" Meg Bashwiner to be more involved in the live performances. Though her premiere was released as an episode of the podcast, her first appearance in a non-live episode was in Voicemail.

References Edit

  1. All Hail
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