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Deb is a sentient patch of haze. She occasionally comes in to read ads for the sponsors of Night Vale Community Radio, though she does not work for the station.

Her speeches, though in praise of whatever brand they advertise, tend to highlight the bad things involved in the specific product. She is uninterested in things that relate to humans.


  • Episode 49A "Old Oak Doors Part A" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from Whole Foods
  • Live show "Thrilling Adventure Hour & Welcome to Night Vale Crossover" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from Patriot brand cigarettes
  • Live show "The Librarian" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from American Express
  • Episode 65 "Voicemail" (vocal appearance): She leaves a message on Cecil's phone for a potential ad spot for sentient patches of haze
  • Episode 72 "Well of Night" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from Joann Fabrics
  • Episode 78 "Cooking Stuff: Thanksgiving Special" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship for corn
  • Episode 82 "Skating Rink" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from Pfizer
  • Live show "The Investigators" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from Evian
  • Episode 100 "Toast" (vocal appearance)
  • Live show "Ghost Stories" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from American Airlines
  • Episode 125 "A Door Ajar Part 2" (vocal appearance): Presents a PSA for the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Episode 126 "A Door Ajar Part 3" (vocal appearance): Presents a PSA for the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Live show "All Hail" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from Hilton brand international chain of hotels
  • Episode 141 "Save Dark Owl Records" (vocal appearance): Speaks on the behalf of the Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Episode 142 "UFO Sighting Reports"
  • Episode 150 "The Birthday of Lee Marvin" (vocal appearance): Deb is the voice of Night Vale Community Radio in an alternate version of Night Vale
  • Live show "A Spy in the Desert" (vocal appearance): Presents sponsorship from Folgers brand coffee
  • Episode 184 "The Fog" (vocal appearance)


  • Deb was created as a way for Night Vale "Proverb Lady" Meg Bashwiner to be more involved in the live performances. Though her premiere was released as an episode of the podcast, her first appearance in a non-live episode was in "Voicemail".
  • The only known sentient patches of haze outside of Deb's family is Stacy, the sentient patch of haze that works at the movie theater box office. [4]


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