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Dark Owl Records is Night Vale's record store. It is owned by Michelle Nguyen.[2]

The happenings of Dark Owl Records are frequently reported on during the Community Calendar segment. The ghost of Buddy Holly appears there occasionally.[3] Curtis Mayfield gave a reading from his autobiography there.[4] At one time, the staff was planning to start a band, using knives and hammers.[5]

Immediately after the takeover of the city of Night Vale by StrexCorp Synernists Incorporated, the Dark Owl Records staff were incarcerated in a deep pit in a rarely traveled part of the desert. This was described as a "free concert."[6]

The staff was apparently released after the rebellion, for by September, Michelle was back at the front desk, degrading and ripping customers off.[7]

Despite being a record store, Michelle hides or destroys records one has heard of, so that nobody can buy them anymore. She also ceased to use money as a protest against free market capitalism.[8] The shop's underground music section is literally located underground, so the customers have to dig holes (using only their hands, as shovels aren't allowed) to find music albums. On one occasion this led to ground splitting and annoyed Matt appearing inside the store.[9]

Community Calendar reports[]

  • "Feral Dogs": On Monday the staff will be wearing sweater vests.
  • "The Traveler": 8:00 PM Thursday, Curtis Mayfield reads from his new book
  • "First Date": On Wednesday the staff is getting a band together.
  • "A Beautiful Dream": This Friday, the staff will be putting on a live concert. They will be scratching madly at the sides of a deep pit in a rarely-traveled part of the desert. They will also be screaming, and starving. They will be crying and clawing; no one will hear them for days.
  • "Visitor": Friday afternoon, the staff will be wearing black pants and chain mail veils.
  • "Well of Night": Wednesday night, the staff will be holding a séance to reach the ghost of Taylor Swift.
  • "The Many Lives of Frank Chen"



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