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Danielle DuBois is a previous mayor of Night Vale[1], but not much else is known about her. Danielle wrote a poem for the very first Poetry Week in 1954, "in honor of nothing, that should never not be unknown." This poem appears as an inscription on the Monolith, which is located within the Dog Park.

The poem reads:

The gentle man in glow light
is a candle in his maybes.

His face is a loamy bog.

Do you ever stop to look at all the blood you gather?
Metal halos spring from your attention.
She said, "watch with all your eyes
lest chance again escape you."

Said, "chalk's wasted on blind children,"
wrote today's specials on the board.
What's blessed entry in this weather?

I heard it tapping, but it doesn't leave a trail.
When you catch a beating heart in the wild,
you hold it squirming and say, "that is that."

But the damn thing keeps on moving
'til you squeeze it in your hands.



  1. Episode 20 "Poetry Week"