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Intern Dana was trapped in The Dog Park during Poetry Week in Year One.[1]


  • Cecil sends Dana to the Dog Park, but she is trapped inside when the gates closed unexpectedly.[1]
  • Dana texts Cecil two months later, to the latter's great surprise.[2]
  • Dana strikes up a friendship with The Man in the Tan Jacket, and requests deliveries of food from Night Vale residents.[3]
  • In the episode "Dana":
    • Dana reports traveling for about two weeks from the entrance to the dog park without apparently getting any closer to the end of the park.
    • She discovers a freestanding oak door and decides to go through it.
    • Once she does so, she finds herself in an old house in the company of John Peters (you know, the farmer?), but he does not react to her presence in any way.
    • Carlos and his team of scientists, at The House That Doesn't Exist, are startled to see Dana emerge from the house, talking on her cell phone. She walks through them.
  • Dana is now out of the dog park, but is trapped in a desert otherworld. She texts Cecil occasionally. [4]
  • Dana learns to journey to Night Vale, but she cannot reliably interact with any particular person, time, or place. [5]
  • Dana journeys further, including into her own future, and learns that she will eventually go home. [6]


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