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All that glitters is not gold. Particularly that thing over there. That's maybe a giant insect of some sort. It's really too dark to tell. Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

"Cookies" is the 44th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on April 1, 2014.


It's Girl Scout cookies time in Night Vale. Plus, updates from Khoshekh and Dana, a safety announcement from the Highway Department, and a magnanimous gesture from Station Management.

Plot Developments[]

  • Cecil's family: It is revealed that Cecil has a niece called Janice, whose stepfather is Steve Carlsberg.
  • Khoshekh Khoshekh is recovering but is unable to float and is missing an eye and part of a paw. However, his inability to float in a fixed point is celebrated by Cecil as it gave him a chance to hug him for the first time.
  • Cecil and Carlos' Relationship: Carlos turns out to be allergic to cats. Cecil got him some anti-allergy medicine.
  • Dana In The Dog Park: Dana is able to communicate directly with people now, gaining an ability to blink in and out of places and time. With this ability, she visits Cecil and her family.
  • Intern Death Toll: Intern Maureen is seen by Dana.
  • StrexCorp: StrexCorp's aggression is less subtle: their intentions of 'hunting down' a particular girl is confirmed, and they have also bought the Night Vale Girl Scouts.
    Cecil once again hints at his displeasure with StrexCorp and their takeover of Night Vale.
    Cecil appears to be teasing Daniel; pointing out he's blushing, filling his booth with boxes of cookies.
  • Time travel: Dana sees her future self.
    The Night Vale Highway Department asks motorists driving through construction zones to come to a complete stop, get out, travel through time, and end up in a completely different time.
  • Russian: "A real people person" it says in Russian on Cecil's college degree.

Recurring Segments[]


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— Proverb