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Starting from "All Right", the end credits for the show offer (as an alternative to using email or Twitter) unique ways of contacting the podcast's creators with questions or comments.

Episode Or... Release date
94 ...just ask any owl. September 15, 2016
95 ...look inside your heart, using a chisel. October 1, 2016
96 ...catch a bird and find out all of its secrets. October 15, 2016
97 ...meditate for hours in silence. November 1, 2016
98 ...think about what it might mean to be a different person. November 15, 2016
99 ...just touch a tree. December 1, 2016
100 ...come up with as many dog names as possible. December 15, 2016
39 rerun ...find the darkest, quietest part of your home and stay there for a while. January 1, 2017
28 rerun ...look up the difference between a lake and a sea. January 15, 2017
101 ...march in the streets until justice is achieved. February 1, 2017
102 ...punch a Nazi real good in the face. February 15, 2017
103 ...hold a self-addressed stamped envelope out of your front door until the wind takes it. March 1, 2017
104 ...just try to get a hold of your life for a second. March 15, 2017
105 ...learn more about birds that live in your area. April 1, 2017
106 ...open a book to a random page and do whatever it says. April 15, 2017
107 ...have a weird dream about trying to buy chicken sandwiches with us, except we’re not us, we’re AC/DC. May 1, 2017
108 ...do whatever you want, you were given free will for some reason. May 15, 2017
109 ...use Google Street View to take a slow, leisurely walk in a city you’ll never visit. June 1, 2017
110 ...go swimming, because it’s nice to go swimming. June 15, 2017
111 ...reconsider your place in the world. August 1, 2017
112 ...shout kind words at a chipmunk as it scampers through your yard. August 15, 2017
113 ...find a local confederate monument and just tear that sucker down. September 1, 2017
114 ...spend a lazy afternoon reading a good book. September 15, 2017
115 ...dig a deep hole. Deeper than that. Deeper than that. October 1, 2017
116 ...put your hand as far as it can go into a mailbox, just see if anything reaches back. October 15, 2017
117 ...have a dream in which you get a paper cut and a rich dark soil pours out. November 1, 2017
118 ...teach yourself to bake bread. It’s easier than you think. November 15, 2017
119 ...place your ear against the earth until you think you hear singing from deep within. December 1, 2017
120 ...do the gesture of the dragon just above the dungeon. December 15, 2017
121 ...go into a cave and never come back out of the cave. February 1, 2018
122 ... swim in waters so clear that you know tangibly in the moment what flying would feel like. February 15, 2018
123 ...sell everything you own and live with a herd of goats. March 1, 2018
124 ...see what the moon’s up to these days. Is she doing ok? March 15, 2018
125 ...read self-help books to learn all of the ways you’ll never change. April 1, 2018
126 ..dig a hole so deep that you can no longer see the sky. April 15, 2018
127 ...try to learn the language of trees by slowing down your life to their speed. May 1, 2018
128 ...enjoy a refreshing J-Crew, which is how that brand of seltzer water is pronounced. May 15, 2018
129 ...as the official slogan of Nike famously says: “Wear a shoe.” June 1, 2018
130 ...hold a summit with North Korea. I dunno, why not? You’re just as qualified. June 15, 2018
131 ...consider how the cellular structure of a leaf might be extrapolated out into a map of the entire universe. August 1, 2018
132 ...check those shoes you haven’t worn in a while to see what kind of spiders have moved in. August 15, 2018
133 Earl version ...make like a tree and exist in harmony with nature. September 1, 2018
133 Leann version ...try and fail once again to really get into this mindfulness meditation stuff. September 1, 2018
133 Telly version ...double check that your experiences up to this point have been real. September 1, 2018
134 ...live forever, using this one weird trick. September 15, 2018
135 ...really look into yourself. Use a knife and a microscope. October 1, 2018
136 ...buy me a dog, I want a dog. October 15, 2018
137 ...trip the light fantastic and watch laughing as it falls. November 1, 2018
138 ...think about what it's like for a dog, you know? November 15, 2018
139 ...eat a plant. It might taste good. December 1, 2018
140 ...slip into something a little bit more combustible. December 15, 2018
141 ...see if a friend needs anything. February 1, 2019
142 ...see how many different smells you can detect right now. February 15, 2019
143 ...watch Australian reality TV shows because [said in an Australian accent] everything is better in Australian accent. [Whispers] I'm sorry. March 1, 2019
144 ...lift heavy things until you can lift heavier things. March 15, 2019
145 ...go to a farmer's market and order off the secret menu. April 1, 2019
146 ...live your best life, whatever that means to you. April 15, 2019
147 ...tell a horse your darkest secret. May 1, 2019
148 ...tenderly raise a potted cactus. May 15, 2019
149 ...rewatch Sister Act and let us know if it holds up. June 1, 2019
150 ...think sweetly back on better days. June 15, 2019
151 ...try to explain policy on a stage with ten other people and everyone is shouting at once. August 1, 2019
152 ...explain why, technically, every bird you can't identify is a UFO. August 15, 2019
153 ...say something uplifting to your pet. September 1, 2019
154 ...eat food grown by local farmers because it's better for everyone. September 15, 2019
155 ...smile at the stars and wait for them to smile back. October 1, 2019
156 ...burrow into the sand and hibernate for a thousand years. October 15, 2019
157 ...tell the sun that you will miss it during the night, but you understand why it needs to leave. November 1, 2019
158 ...buy a new Earth for yourself. You deserve it. November 15, 2019
159 ...tell the neighbor's dog to just calm down little buddy, there's no need to get this worked up. December 1, 2019
160 ...put a hat on a hat on a hat on a hat and have yourself a hat stack. December 15, 2019
161 ...find a lost dog and gently guide it home. February 1, 2020
162 ...close your eyes in the shower and whisper your comment into the warm water. February 15, 2020
163 ...decide that it's time for a new you with a new outlook on life and new teeth. March 1, 2020
164 ...uh, sorry I got distracted by that weird thing behind you. March 15, 2020
165 ...live your most medium life. April 1, 2020
166 ...live your most medium life. April 15, 2020
167 ...visit the lambing barn and pick up a lamb. May 1, 2020
168 ...tell that barking dog to go home. Go home dog! May 15, 2020
169 ...watch your cat do a big stretch and encourage her by saying "Big stretch. Biiig stretch." June 1, 2020
170 ...eat mainly sweet potatoes and black beans and discover just how regular you can be. June 15, 2020
171 ...buy a grill and stand majestically amongst the smoke and flowers as you wait for the onions to finish becoming delicious. August 1, 2020
172 ...try to make friends with the wasps that have moved into your chimney. August 15, 2020
173 ...wait for us to run out of television. We're gonna run out of television soon, right? September 1, 2020
174 ...write and perform a one-woman show about groundhogs aka woodchucks aka whistlepigs. September 15, 2020
175 ...don't. I don't know. Live your life your way. October 1, 2020
176 ...tell all of the little animals to please stay out of the road. It is not safe for you there. October 15, 2020
177 ...keep being spooky. There's no reason that October has to be the only spooky month. November 1, 2020
178 ...love yourself for who you are. You deserve it. November 15, 2020
179 ...keep on truckin'. Good for you. December 1, 2020
180 ...become uncomfortably aware of your own throat. December 15, 2020
181 ...go outside into the cold, cold air and pretend that it's refreshing. February 1, 2021
182 ...try to identify which animals made which tracks in the snow. A fox, maybe? February 15, 2021
183 ...wake up every morning and glare angrily at the weather. March 1, 2021
184 ...wake up from a long nap confused about what day it is. March 15, 2021
185 ...start to think that maybe tomorrow will happen after all. April 1, 2021
186 ...become simply one with everything in the universe, I guess. April 15, 2021
187 ...tap out Morse code with your foot expressing your deepest secret. May 1, 2021
188 ...eat a garlic scape you foraged from the side of the road. May 15, 2021
189 ...build at app, I guess, is what we're all supposed to do with our lives now. June 1, 2021
190 ...invent a desert town and spend nine years writing about it. June 15, 2021
191 ...realize that Green Day is the oldies now and Madonna is the golden oldies. August 1, 2021
192 ...learn how to speak French simply and easily by moving to France and spending many years trying to learn the language. August 15, 2021
193 ...shout at a bird. September 1, 2021
194 ...swim in deep dark waters, where the secrets lie. September 15, 2021
195 ...tell a tiny human that she is tired because she doesn't know what that feels like yet. October 1, 2021
196 ...spill the beans. Then, grab a mop and clean them up. October 15, 2021
197 ...sing sweetly to you favorite star. November 1, 2021
198 ...dance a waltz in front of the handsome prince. November 15, 2021
199 ...scream at a tree. What has a tree ever done for you? December 1, 2021
200 ...take a long shower and think about your favorite songs. December 15, 2021
201 ...look into a mouse's eyes and see a brain that works in an utterly different way from your own. February 1, 2022
202 ...stay up until you see the sun rise and think: "well, there that thing is again." February 15, 2022
203 ...eavesdrop on the conversations of neighborhood dogs. Oh? Woof woof? Really? So interesting. Woof woof. March 1, 2022
204 ...ask your baby: Do you see the kitty? Do you hear the puppy? March 15, 2022
205 ...try to teach the tiny human who lives in your home everything there is to know about everything. April 1, 2022
206 ...make like a tree and leaf. Sorry, I said that wrong. Make like a tree and leaves. Still sounds weird. Who knows. April 15, 2022
207 ...find a big body of water, sit on the dry bit and stare for a long time at the wet bit. It's great. May 1, 2022
208 ...TBA May 15, 2022
209 ...TBA June 1, 2022
210 ...TBA June 15, 2022