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Remember that you are a beautiful person. You’re a weird-looking tree, but you’re a beautiful person.
— Cecil

"Civic Changes" is the 74th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on September 15, 2015.


The City Council makes an announcement about the dog park. Plus, the start of the new high school football season and an update on the hole in the vacant lot.

Plot Developments[]

  • The Dog Park: Three years after its opening (in "Pilot"), the Night Vale Dog Park opens to dogs.
    • John Peters - you know, the farmer - calls in to report on the protestors at the dog park, describing them standing upright, growing out of the ground, with green leaves and brown tufts of hair, and crows flying in the air above them. A frustrated Cecil realizes John is actually standing in a cornfield.
  • High School Football / Desert Bluffs Economic Collapse: Night Vale High School begins the season with one win, due to Desert Bluffs High School having gone bankrupt and forfeiting the season opening match.
  • The Whispering Forest / Malik Herrera: Nonexistent NVHS graduate (and former high school running back) Maliq Herrera pursues his dream of being an artist in the Whispering Forest.
  • Hole in the Vacant Lot Out Back of the Ralphs: The people who huddle there are now nestling there.

Recurring Segments[]


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