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The Children's Fun Fact Science Corner is a recurring segment on Cecil Palmer's show on Night Vale Community Radio. It offers a kid-friendly, educational take on a variety of scientific topics, such as how weird the moon is,[1] the meanings of birds,[2] the horror of the void,[3] the horror of the non-void,[3] measurement,[4] the dangers of deer,[5], the many things children need not be afraid of (because everything is perfectly fine),[6] and of course, the terrifying possibility that consciousness can survive death.[6]


Episode Topic
5 The moon: What is it? Have there been studies on this? Is it watching us? etc.
14 Common birds and their meanings
24 How terrifying the night sky is
33 Different measurements (the the cardinal directions, temperatures, locations, cardinal, emotions, birds, names, sounds)
36 The dangers of deer
37 A range of topics, including fairy rings of mushrooms, black helicopters, death and the possibility that consciousness survives death
59 Stick out your tongue!
63 The growing of tendrils started in Part 1
67 The invention of radio
77 Did you know that over 70% of the earth’s surface is water? It’s true! Scientists believe that the other 30% is some kind of animal hide.
87 a series of rhymes, culminating in the phrase "To the west there are the highest highs, and to the east there are the lows. The up top is where the bluebirds go, and the witching happens down below."
92 the phases of the moon
94 the mysteries of interaction
98 an experiment concerning putting wires and a battery into one's heart cavity
105 birth stones
Live show 6 did you know that time travel exists?
107 what happened to the Moon? Where did it go? (broadcasted from the Underground City)
Live show 7 proving that ghosts are real
148 everyone experiences time differently
156 how to tell whether or not something is a person
Live show 8
161 the history of the Space Race (presented as "Children’s Fun Fact Science Presentation")
180 the benefits of mold
194 Astronomy


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