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Cecil's mother has not yet been named. She is deceased in the primary Night Vale, but in an alternate version of Night Vale she is still alive.[1]

When Cecil was fourteen, she disappeared, forcing Abby to drop out of school and raise her brother on her own. When she returned many years later, she was sick and died a few months later. She was mentally ill and addicted to alcohol [2].


  • Episode 26 "Faceless Old Woman": Told Cecil "Someone’s going to kill you one day, Cecil, and it will involve a mirror. Mark my words, child!”
  • Episode 33 "Cassette": Gave Cecil a tape recorder for his 15th birthday. Shortly after Cecil began interning at Night Vale Community Radio, she hid from Cecil for three days: the longest time ever, Cecil noted. He concluded she must be proud of him.
  • Episode 56 "Homecoming": Cecil looked forward to speaking with his mother during halftime of the homecoming game. Cecil referred to her as his "late mother".
  • Episode 67 "Best Of?": When Cecil took over for Leonard Burton as host of NVCR, he mentioned his mother and said that she has been hiding from him for "decades now".
  • Episode 68 "Faceless Old Women": Told Cecil “You can't learn to love others until you learn that others are fiction, and that self is unreliable.”
  • Episode 70 "Review": Cecil mentioned thinking of his mother during the events of "Review", and stated that he has not thought of her in some time.
  • Episode 78 "Cooking Stuff: Thanksgiving Special": During a segment of Cooking Stuff with Earl Harlan, Cecil mentioned that his mother used to cook up the organs from inside a turkey, and call them "giblets". This is dismissed by Earl as a lie.
  • Episode 95 "Zookeeper": Explained death to Cecil after he found a raccoon she had killed by dropping a rock on it. Cecil added that dropping rocks on animals and people was her idea of a joke.
  • Episode 106 "Filings": Upon seeing his younger self look into a mirror, Cecil remembers that his mother told him never to do that.
  • Live show "Ghost Stories": Cecil tells the story of his mother disappearing during his childhood and then coming back many years later.
  • Episode 110 "Matryoshka"
  • Episode 132 "Bedtime Story": Cecil recounts a bedtime story she used to tell him.
  • Episode 149 "The General"
  • Episode 182 "It Sticks With You"


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