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For the character, see Cal Palmer.
There’s a billboard along the highway that reads: “Everything. Must. Go.” Welcome to Night Vale.
— Cecil

"Cal" is the 108th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on May 15, 2017.

Official Synopsis[]

A visitor arrives from a different reality.

Episode Summary[]

Cal visited Cecil on his way back from his home nearby Eagle Farm up on the mountains with his dilapidated car, carrying a suitcase. He was pale and apparently sick, as he kept coughing and vomiting, and had to brace himself. During the visit, the reality from which Cal came and the "original" reality mixed together, and even Cecil himself confused between the realities, struggling to decide which is his one. For a moment, Carlos and his office have never existed, as well as Abby, Steve Carlsberg, and Janice. In this other reality, Cecil is single.

Cecil heard strange noises from the sky, of paper being torn, weed being pulled, and egg shells crumbling, noises that were likely to be those of the holes between realities, opened at the sky. The following moment, Cal threw up in the sink, spitting out two unbroken teeth. He was shedding hairs and bleeding all through the visit. His eyes were rolling back in his and he vomited what seemed like blood onto the carpet.

Cecil tried to show Cal that something was amiss, and that this was not the way thing have happened, but when trying to find photos of his family or Carlos, the only albums he found contained photos of him and Cal as kids, in a city which was not Night Vale. Cecil saw a photo of him as a teenager in Cal's wedding, and remembers the name of Cal's bride.

Although after Cal vanished seemed to have gone back, there is a still a bloodstain on Cecil's rug, and a bruise where Cal pushed him. Cecil wrote everything in his journal, as seconds after Cal left he had troubles remembering the visit.

Plot Developments[]

  • The Angels: the Angels are protesting outside the Hall of Public Records, demanding expedition of their application.
  • The Holes in Reality: Cal, Cecil's brother in the Other Reality, comes to visit him.
  • The Distant Prince: it is mentioned that he is less distant than ever before.
  • The Woman from Italy: the Woman is scheduled to appear at the Night Vale Mall alongside the Faceless Old Woman and threaten passers-by with pain and torture.
  • Michigan: Cecil is scheduled to remember that Michigan is a real state and that its capital is Lansing and then to forget about it again; he pronounces the name of the state correctly.
  • Huntokar: the entire broadcast schedule of the Night Vale Community Radio is scribbled out and replaced with the words "A Story About Huntokar".
  • Hadassah McDaniels and the other dragons move into city hall

Recurring Segments[]


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