Bloodstones are used in many rituals and chants performed by the citizens of Night Vale. Bloodstone circles can be found in virtually every home in Night Vale, and are also commonly installed in public spaces, such as the Night Vale Public Library and Mission Grove Park. Bloodstones are manufactured objects, produced by a certified bloodstone factory in the town.

Bloodstone certification Edit

The Night Vale City Council cautions against the use of "discount" bloodstones, claiming that a number of bizarre accidents have resulted from using them in "even common, day-to-day chanting rituals." Such accidents include:

  • Locust swarms
  • Pus tornados
  • The creation and subsequent obliteration of a mirror version of Night Vale, forcing all of the citizens to watch their identical counterparts perish, and thus confront the inevitability of their own futures

It is possible that these claims have been invented by the City Council to protect the certified bloodstone market, as they own the only certified bloodstone factory in Night Vale. Regardless, anyone caught selling discount bloodstones is placed in The Dark Box and erased from reality, while buyers and owners of the contraband are merely punished with summary execution.

Chanting rituals Edit

Night Vale residents believe that the chanting rituals they perform with bloodstones are a form of magic. An immense, seven-story monument in Mission Grove Park once proclaimed, in giant neon letters, that Night Vale's bloodstone chants were instrumental to the Allied victory in World War II, although a federal injunction eventually necessitated the dismantling of the monument.[1]

Activation by blood Edit

The bloodstone doors of the radio station will open only when bled upon.[2]

StrexCorp ban Edit

Cecil mentions a recent StrexCorp Synernists Incorporated ban on bloodstone manufacture and use. Local well-read renegade, thirteen-year-old Tamika Flynn, acted in direct defiance of the ban by erecting a bloodstone circle in the produce section of the Ralphs.[3]

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