The Blood Space War is a terrible conflict raging somewhere and somewhen in time and space. At least two proxies for the war are active in Night Vale:

  • Citizens For A Blood Space War, which is affiliated with the Night Vale PTA and which held a bake sale to benefit Earth's allies in the outer solar system, and
  • Society For A Blood Space War, which is a time-traveling organization dedicated to assassinating their high-ranking Blood Space War enemies before they can achieve prominence in the Blood Space War.

A third group, the Night Vale Veterans of a Blood Space War Association, does not appear to be taking an active role in the war. They are building a statue of an unknown soldier.

Mentions[edit | edit source]

  • Episode 2 "Glow Cloud": Citizens for a Blood Space War and the PTA hold a bake sale.
  • Episode 52 "The Retirement of Pamela Winchell": Pamela Winchell breaks a treaty ending the Blood Space War.
  • Episode 64 "WE MUST GIVE PRAISE": The Society for a Blood Space War travels back in time and kills NVCR's Intern Hannah before she can become their enemy.
  • Episode 67 "Best Of?": Cecil, as an intern at NVCR, reports on a turning point in the Blood Space War, but it is unclear what has happened (or, indeed, when the report takes place--probably circa 1895, since it is just after his visit to Europe).
  • Episode 79 "Lost in the Mail": the entire episode is the story of a girl named Basimah, whose father volunteered to fight in the Blood Space War. It is also Remembrance Day of the heroes lost in the Blood Space War.
  • Episode 86 "Standing and Breathing": John Peters (you know, the farmer?) receives a birthday card from his older brother Jim, who left to fight the Blood Space War forty years previously.
  • Episode 135 "The Mudstone Abyss Part 1": Kevin mentions that Desert Bluffs Too has become a home to a number of refugees of the war, including Krotshk, a neutron orb from the Horsehead Nebula.
  • Episode 144 "The Dreamer" tells the story of Eunomia, a 19th century farm girl who was involved in the Blood Space War.
  • Episode 145 "The Veterans" mentions that the Blood Space War is fought against the Polonians, an alien race. Earth is allied with a species from Battlestation Wolfgang. Drew Christiansen, Dan Christiansen, and Junior Blay are soldiers of the Blood Space War.

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