Big Rico is the owner of Big Rico's Pizza, the only pizza shop in Night Vale.

Rico was born as Richie Goldblum, but changed his name as he felt no one would buy pizza from a man with a Jewish name. He has an older brother called Arnie. [1]

Rico is known to be seen fondly by the Hooded Figures as he makes good pizza, and he is well known across Night Vale for sponsoring Cecil's radio show. Rico is the only resident of Night Vale who is allowed to use writing utensils, as he needs them in order to take down orders.

He practices taxidermy as a hobby and offers amateur spaying and neutering services. He ran into some trouble with the law after he was found to be running a speakeasy for wheat and wheat by-products, but managed to escape too much trouble by sincerely apologizing.

He makes pizza that doesn't make any logical sense, but even he wouldn't put cheese on top of toppings.

Big Rico has a cat named Spunky and an aunt who lives in the fictional state of Indiana.

He was erased from history after the events of the Blood Space War.

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