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The sun is actually cold! It's cold and empty, and all is lost. Greetings from Night Vale!
— Cecil

"[Best Of?]" is the 67th episode of Welcome to Night Vale. It was released on May 1, 2015.


A look back at some of the best Cecil broadcasts we have never heard before.

Plot Development[]

  • Cecil: Cecil is on vacation this week and is not in the studio.
  • Intern Cecil: Young Cecil's first report as an Intern of Night Vale Community Radio is shown, while under the tutelage of former host Leonard Burton. Other reports include ones from various time periods during Cecil's (seemingly unending) internship at NVCR.
  • Cecil's Past: Cecil is eventually made the host of Night Vale Community Radio's show, and reports the death of Leonard Burton. Also, it is revealed that Cecil was present for the invention of the radio, implying that he is over 130 years old.
  • Leonard: Is Leonard actually dead? We just don't know, as he's taking over for Cecil while the normal host is away.

Recurring Segments[]


"I'm all business," I say, peeling off my skin strip by strip, showing you what oozes out. Business to my core."
— Proverb


  • The voice claiming to be Joseph Fink is Symphony Sanders (who voices Tamika Flynn). When she says "Go to WelcomeToNightVale.com" she laughs.
  • After the proverb, there is a gap of silence (41 seconds) then the sound of a door opening and closing.